HelloFresh Recipes (11-17 June)

June 12, 2012 § Leave a comment


Sure, we’ve had a torrential rain for days on end and sure, it’s piercingly cold when we get up in the mornings, but the HelloFresh Team is here to cheer you up and we have a selection of HelloFresh dinners that are as pleasing to the palette as they are attractive to the eye. Here’s what the HelloFresh customers are digging into this week…

  • Thai-style pumpkin soup

On those chilly winter nights, cuddle up with a blanket, grab a spoon and enjoy this Thai style pumpkin soup. It’ll make you realise the rain and gale-force winds aren’t so bad when you’ve got a warm and delicious dinner to look forward to!  

  • Walnut & Rosemary oven chicken

Not only are walnuts a nutritional marvel, they also taste amazing. Coupled with succulent chicken, this meal is indisputably healthy even though it looks irrefutably naughty!

  • Stir-fry beef in oyster sauce

‘He was a bold man that first ate an oyster’, Jonathan Swift once said. Whoever this mystery man is, we’re sure glad he took the plunge because it’s the juicy oyster sauce infused throughout the tender beef that makes this dish an absolute winner.

  • Lemon pork cutlets with roast vegetables

Just looking at the picture makes you realise this zesty combination of fresh lemon, warm veggies and succulent pork will leave your mouth watering and have you wanting more and more.

  • Curry prawns and potatoes

Alone, curry, prawns and potatoes are appetising. Together, they make a meal like no other. This taste sensation is sure to impress you and anyone else who is lucky enough to have a bite.

What do you think of the HelloFresh menu this week?


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